My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
Grand Canyon Day Trip
17 Jul: The Perfect Grand Canyon Day Trip!

The perfect Grand Canyon South Rim day trip! Glamping with Under Canvas. Maverick helicopter tour. Hiking South Kaibab & Bright Angel trails.

Trip to Colombia
28 Jan: My trip to Colombia was ROUGH!

My trip to Colombia nearly broke my travel spirit. Stolen iPhone. Closed + gross hostels. Credit card issues. Crazy driving.

Pereira Colombia + Salento Colombia
21 Jan: Pereira Colombia + Salento Colombia…my FAVORITE city

Pereira Colombia + Salento Colombia. The coffee region is BREATHTAKING! Cocora Valley. Coffee farms. Downhill mountain biking in Carbonera.

Things to do in Medellin Colombia
14 Jan: Things to do in Medellin Colombia

Things to do in Medellin Colombia. Graffiti in Comuna 13. The cutest coffee farm in El Peñol. Great restaurants + coffee shops in El Poblado.

Mano del Gigante in Huila, Colombiae, Colombia
07 Jan: Gigante + Tatacoa Desert…unique landscapes in Colombia

Gigante + Tatacoa Desert Colombia. Mirador la Mano del Gigante. Velitas. Super unique landscapes. Crazy driving.

Stolen iPhone Bogota Colombia
31 Dec: Stolen iPhone Bogota Colombia…lessons learned + what not to do

Stolen iPhone in Bogota Colombia. Detailed lessons learned. What to do + not to do. The painful 8 day process to get it fixed.

iPhone Stolen in Bogota Colombia
24 Dec: iPhone stolen in Bogota Colombia…I felt so VIOLATED!

iPhone Stolen in Bogota Colombia. Jason Bourne style. Completely VIOLATED! How it went down. Lost photos + all.

Things to do in Bogota Colombia
17 Dec: Things to do in Bogota Colombia

Best things to do in Bogota Colombia. Hiking Monserrate. Bogotivo Food Tour. Exploring Chapinero. Cathedral de Sal in Zipaquira.

Cascade Village Durango
10 Dec: Heber AZ to Cascade Village Durango…bad JUJU be gone!

Heber AZ to Cascade Village Durango. Bad JuJu be gone! From everything going wrong to enjoying the beauty of Southern Colorado. Tesla style.