My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
Heartbroken Mural in Bogota, Colombia
24 Dec: Crazy Klepto Colombia

One second I’m standing on the curb waiting to cross the street, and the next I’m running down the street hysterically shouting, “No! Why’d you do that?” Rewind 30 second, and a guy on a motorbike beautifully swiped my iPhone out of my hand. Jason Bourne style.

Bogota City
17 Dec: Colombia | Bogota Wanderings

This was my first big solo trip internationally. Majority of Colombians were welcoming, warm, and friendly. Except for the guy who stole my phone out of my hand on day 3 of 25 on my trip.

Durango Pixel Baby
10 Dec: Fuck You Cabin Gremlins!

As I peeled out of the dirt driveway, I couldn’t tell if I wanted to scream, cry, take two shots of tequila, or all of the above. The score…Cabin Gremlins | 83 / Ashley | -66.

Ep 108
29 Oct: Podcast | New Boobs, New Booty…Why So Taboo?!

My raw + real interview with Ben Oosterveld on the From Within Podcast about my botched cosmetic procedures, my trip around the world, and everything in between.

Oakland, California
22 Oct: Theme | 7. Acceptance

True and authentic acceptance is what I long for. But, I’m not sure if genuine and authentic acceptance can be reached. I guess that’s another part of acceptance…accepting an undesired outcome.

Pixel | Lake Tahoe
15 Oct: Theme | 6. Unlearning

Unlearning is a bitch. Breaking old patterns and shattering limiting beliefs is HARD. But, I’m determined to make this unconventional lifestyle work for me. Because, the one dictated by society sucks ass.

Exercising Patience
08 Oct: Theme | 5. Patience

Trust me, I’d Dream of Jeannie my ass to new countries, if the tech was available. Come on Elon. I’ve been patiently waiting. When is the worldwide Hyperloop system launching?

Mushrooms & Masks
01 Oct: Theme | 4. Self-Love & Care

There’s way too much I need to see and do before I die. And, I refuse to waste another minute of it drunk, hungover, or unproductive. This woman is staying sober, safe, sane, & focused on her trip around the world.

Travertine Hot Springs | Bridgeport, California
24 Sep: Theme | 3. Disconnect & Recharge

Burning Man 2018 was the first time I fully disconnected from reality. Not because I wanted to, but because I was forced to.