My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
Pissed Off in Colombia
28 Jan: How Colombia Broke My Travel Spirit

Usually I’m a glass half full kind of girl [or, at least I like to think so], but, just a heads-up, this diary entry is 100% glass half empty. Because, this lil wanderer needs a proper venting session.

Cocora Valley in Salento, Colombia
21 Jan: Colombia | Pereira & Salento Wanderings

The coffee region in Colombia, especially Salento, is breathtaking! I enjoyed it more than Bogota and Medellin combined.

Celestino Hotel in Medellin, Colombia
14 Jan: Colombia | Medellin Wanderings

The Finca La Rivera Coffee Tour in El Penol was hands down my favorite experience in Colombia. The farmer’s grandson, Justin, was too cute for words. He knew every step of the process and loved helping his grandpa.

Mano del Gigante in Huila, Colombiae, Colombia
07 Jan: Colombia | Tatacoa Desert & Gigante Wanderings

Colombia LOVES the month of December! We were there during Velitas [Little Candles Day on December 7th] which was amazing to witness. There were tons of candles, decorations everywhere, church bells ringing, singing, dancing, and fireworks.

Mac Center in Bogota, Colombia
31 Dec: How to get your phone stolen in Colombia

Under zero circumstances get your phone stolen in a foreign country. It really fucking sucks! Like 192 hours [aka 8 days] worth of work and $1,500+ later kind of suck.

Heartbroken Mural in Bogota, Colombia
24 Dec: Crazy Klepto Colombia

One second I’m standing on the curb waiting to cross the street, and the next I’m running down the street hysterically shouting, “No! Why’d you do that?” Rewind 30 second, and a guy on a motorbike beautifully swiped my iPhone out of my hand. Jason Bourne style.

Bogota City
17 Dec: Colombia | Bogota Wanderings

This was my first big solo trip internationally. Majority of Colombians were welcoming, warm, and friendly. Except for the guy who stole my phone out of my hand on day 3 of 25 on my trip.

Durango Pixel Baby
10 Dec: Fuck You Cabin Gremlins!

As I peeled out of the dirt driveway, I couldn’t tell if I wanted to scream, cry, take two shots of tequila, or all of the above. The score…Cabin Gremlins | 83 / Ashley | -66.

Ep 108
29 Oct: Podcast | New Boobs, New Booty…Why So Taboo?!

My raw + real interview with Ben Oosterveld on the From Within Podcast about my botched cosmetic procedures, my trip around the world, and everything in between.