My Diary
My Diary
My Diary
Ep 108
17 Nov: Podcast | New Boobs, New Booty…Why So Taboo?!

My raw + real interview with Ben Oosterveld on the From Within Podcast about my botched cosmetic procedures, my trip around the world, and everything in between.

Sunset | Lake Tahoe
03 Nov: Theme | 7. Acceptance

My deep ponderings on acceptance!

Pixel | Lake Tahoe
27 Oct: Theme | 6. Unlearning

To unlearn is one of the hardest things I’ve done.

Exercising Patience
20 Oct: Theme | 5. Patience

My deep ponderings on patience!

Mushrooms & Masks
13 Oct: Theme | 4. Self-Love & Care

My deep ponderings on self-love, care, and sobriety!

Travertine Hot Springs | Bridgeport, California
06 Oct: Theme | 3. Disconnect & Recharge

My deep ponderings on disconnecting and recharging!

Lake Chabot | Oakland, California
29 Sep: Theme | 2. Presence & Adaptability

My deep ponderings on presence and adaptability!

Denver Naveen Mallorie
22 Sep: Theme | 1. Exploration & Connection

My deep ponderings on exploration and connection!

West Coast Road Trip Map
15 Sep: 2020 West Coast COVID Road Trip!

When life gives you lemons [aka COVID], squeeze them in people’s eyes [aka go on a road trip]! How I turned my frown upside down and drove 5,000 miles in 50 days.