3. Disconnect & Recharge
“Back-to-back Zoom meetings baby! Oh…how I miss them. Not!!!”
Disconnect & Recharge

What are these words – relax, reflect, and think – you speak of?

The days blaze by, because I typically don’t have time to pee yet alone eat lunch. 

Back-to-back Zoom meetings baby! Oh…how I miss them. Not!!!

On the road trip, I was afforded the opportunity to consume:

I also thought a lot about my trip around the world, Ever Wander – its purpose, core values, branding, messaging, and overall impact.

And, when I was with friends I listened intently to their stories, updates, wins, and losses. I also got a heavy dose of the best medicine – laughter.

How and why does Disconnect & Recharge hit home for you? 

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