6. Unlearning
“I’m determined to trade-in all my “stuff” for a more experienced-based life.”

Huh? Wtf is unlearning?
I’ve been told my entire life to keep learning, not unlearn.

Here’s the definition of unlearning:
To discard something learned, especially a bad habit or false or outdated information from one’s memory.

The number of antiquated habits and thoughts I have are crazy. 

A few examples include:

  • feeling guilty about not working
  • not having a steady income
  • not actively contributing to retirement every single month anymore
  • not grinding it out in a 9-5
  • and, so many more

Even though I’m learning an entire new skill set, I still feel unproductive every single day.
Mainly, because I haven’t nailed down my process or figured out how to monetize it all yet.
My obsession with money equating to my self-worth and productivity has to stop – for now at least.
I deserve the space to reinvent myself, develop an entirely new skill set, decide how I best provide value to the world, and turn it into a living.

Am I the only one guilty of the “more is better” syndrome?

A couple years ago, I thought making less and living with less was a direct reflection of my self-worth.
So, that’s why I suffocated in Corporate America for 5 more year than I wanted to.
I couldn’t take a cut in pay or change my standard of living.
That was beneath me.
I had to keep climbing the “ladder”.
Thank god, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
These were the stories I was telling myself.
I let my ego and my pride get the better of me.
And, caring way too much what other people thought of me. 

After digging really deep, I figured out that buying more shit didn’t bring me genuine happiness – experiencing new places, food, and cultures did.
So, I devised a plan to make experiences the priority vs. material possessions.

The problem with quitting my posh job, deciding to say fuck it to the man, and taking time to reinvent myself is that I’m constrained by a finite set of resources [aka money].
Where is this money tree people speak of?
Can you please deliver the bags of money to my address please?
I kid, I kid. But, really I’d take the money. 

I’ve adjusted my travel lifestyle accordingly to make my finite resource go further.
That doesn’t mean I’m drinking Folgers and eating Top Ramen every day, but I’m being mindful of what I spend and where.
I’m trying to cram in as many countries and experiences as possible with the money I have saved.

I’d consider myself a middle of the road backpacker.
I try to keep my expenses to an average of $70-$100/day.
Hostels are alright.
I prefer Airbnbs.
And, I’ll spend more money on nicer restaurants, Ubers vs. buses, and awesome tours.
The fact that I don’t drink saves me quite a bit of money as well – bar tabs & the drunk munchies.

But, back to the point…
I’m determined to trade-in all my “stuff” for a more experienced-based life. 

Even if that means staying with friends, living the Hostel life in private rooms [they’re definitely not my jam], not dying my hair, rocking natural nails and toes, staying sober, skipping out on super fancy restaurants, and opting for medium priced excursions. 

Unlearning is a bitch.
Breaking old patterns is HARD!
But, I’m determined to adopt an unconventional lifestyle, because the one decided by society kinda blows.
No offense.
I admire folks that actually love conventional life.
More power to ya.
I felt I might kill myself at some point though.

What’s the number one thing you’d like to Unlearn?
Drop a comment below.

Next, check out my diary post on 7. Acceptance.

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